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Commencement of the extended meeting for counselors (2008.04.25)

A Plenary Assembly of The Daughters of St.Paul was held on September 2007. At the assembly, the highest priority was decided for next six years. Following this decision, each country discussed what they should do for next 3 years and start working for that. Japan district is not the exception. Our Japan district had held the extended meeting for counselors from 11th to 17th of January 2008.

extended meeting

Looking back previous 6 years and see what is the most highest priority which the Plenary Assembly decided and discuss what the Japan district should be concentrated from now on. We also consider some of the ideas and opinions from all members, which were collected before this meeting as a survey. We held both a group meeting and a plenary meeting and discussed our issues.

extended meeting

Textended meeting

We focused on several issues such as‘The year of St. Paul’, which will be begin from this June, movement of society, communication of the current era, working with co-worker, and an aging of our member, to decide the most highest priority.

Please pray for us to find a way to live as a daughter of St Paul, who is giving us a model to live a one as well as an apostle.

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