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One of the first missionaries of Japan, Sr. Augusta back to Heaven

At the night of 19th January 2008 (local time) Sr.Augusta Bernadini died at Antonio Pio convent in Rome. She returned to our Heavenly Father. In 1948, she came to Japan as one of first four missionaries to settle a convent of Daughters of St. Paul in Japan.

Sr. Augusta
The first four missionaries to Japan

She was born in 1920, as a fifth child of ten children of faithful parents. Five children became nuns of Daughters of St. Paul and two children became priests of the Capuchins.

She entered the Daughters of St. Paul in 1932. She then joined the convent in 1940 and committed her missionary work in Italy.

One day, Fr.Paul Martinino of St Paul order came back from Japan, who was preaching in Japan and talked about his mission at the monastery of Daughters of St. Paul. It was about Japanese people who are looking for spiritual nourishment after the World War II. He talked passionately, that it is necessary to visit some cities in Japan and open some bookshops to preach the Gospel as a “disciple of walking God's words”. One of many people, who were moved by his story, was Sr.Augusta. January 1947, a day was arranged, to pray for missionaries to Japan. And as one of four first missionaries to Japan, Sr.Augusta was elected.

In those days, there was no ship to go to the Far East. So they went to New York first, and then go to Philippines. On 6th of August 1948, they finally arrived at the port of Yokohama. For next 20 years they committed their missionary works in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka. Their passionate works brought thousands of new members for our monastery and co-workers for our preaching.

She went back to Italy in 1971. Since then she has been supporting her sisters in Japan with her prayer from Italy. We always visited Sr.Augusta when we went to Italy and she clasped our hands and always said to us strongly. I love Japan and I always pray for Japan”

When we visited her last autumn, she was a sickbed, yet she clasped our hands strongly and said repeatedly. “I pray for Japan! I pray for Japan!”

Sr. Augusta
At an abbey in Rome, Feb.2007

She was a wonderful woman who lived as a missionary until the very last moment. She must be pray for Japan from heaven with our Father. No, her prayer is now much more stronger than before, because she is now very close to our Father.

Thank you very much, Sr. Augusta! And please keep supporting us with your strong and passionate prayers.

Sr. Augusta's parents were currently investigated for her beatification.

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