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Sr. Hiroko Abe

Sr. Hiroko Abe

I shall not forget about my parents as I tell you about my vocation. My father was a third generation Catholic and my mother was baptized when she was 20 years old. They cared about religion more than anything and raised us according to their believes, although they had no intention of raising future nuns or pastors. They sent all their children to private mission schools despite their hardships. It was very important to them that their children received Christian educations. I could just imagine the cost of tuition they paid for ten children to attend private school.

In retrospect our financial difficulties made us untied and strong we cherished our love for the lord. We almost always had someone in our home that needed help homeless, ex-criminals, elderly and children. We learned from our parents to love the Lord and our neighbors, to forgive and care about others with our hearts and actions. This strong legacy of my parents supports me now in addition to my 15 years of education they made possible.

My mother choose marriage in her life yet she questioned her decision if it was right or not. As she told me later she found her way when she asked the Lord to accept her children as his channels. In her prayers she was given courage and hope. I believe my vocation was a path my mother had set when she conceived me in a natural way.

I would like to share an experience of mine with you as it was to me. I had a serious case of dyspepsia that almost took my life when I was only one year old. My father carried my sister on his back and my mother held me in her arm as we went to the hospital in heavy rain. My parents told me if we arrived minutes later I could have been dead. On the way to the hospital my parents prayed Hail Mary over and over.

My mother helped me because she loved and needed me for many good reasons. I'm grateful for the Lord and my parents they helped prepare my life for vocation. I remind myself how much the Lord loves me and I show my love to the lord as I live my life in vocation.

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