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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Domenica Kyoko Hanshiro

Sr. Domenica

In 1975 the International Marine Exposition took place in my native Okinawa.
I was helping in the Vatican booth with the Sisters of Daughters of SaintPaul.
This was my first time away from home, and also my first experience to staywith the Sisters 24 hours a day.

To welcome many guests every day looked easy, but was actually quite a hardwork. Seeing the Sisters constantly with a smile, I said to myself "How canthey do that ?". This simple question made me wonder about the Sisters' wayof life and existence.

In November of the same year, Provincial Superior of the Congregation cameto visit Okinawa, together with the Superior of Tokyo convent. As I wasintroduced to them, I did not hesitate to ask if I could work at theconvent. Mother Provincial gave me the permission right away.

When the Expo. was over after 6 months, I immediately went to Tokyo with theSisters. And I started working with them, in their bookstore, "Saint PaulCorner", on the 6th floor of the Isetan department store.

Through this experience of working and living with them, I began to hearsomeone knock at my heart. This knock was getting louder and louder.
The invitation of God came to me through my encounter with the Sisters, andby getting to know their way of life. One summer day, after 6 months of mystay in Tokyo, I said "Yes" to this invitation.

I went back to Okinawa to get my parents' permission to enter the religiouslife. It was after 8 days that I got this permission. The following morning,I bid farewell to my family, but my father did not say a word, nor did helook at me. It was painful to see that he was crying.

This very same day, a baby was born to my brother's family. The firstgrandchild for my parents. I realized that God did send consolation to myparents who were hurt to see me off.

It was a blessed day to know that we do live in the plan of our Lord.

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