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Sr. Maria Clementina

Sr. Maria Clementina

My father passed away last April at the age of 92. After the death of mymother, he lived alone, taking care of flowers and "Bonsai", and he alsocontinued to write. In his diary and also in two notebooks, he had writtenthe memories of his life. He must have thought back all the periods of hislife, while living by himself.
Reading his memories, I also remember the different periods of my life,thinking that 40 years have passed since I entered the convent.

One day, two Sisters came into our work place. That was the first time I sawthe nuns, and I remember how surprised and full of curiosity I was. Therewere books in their black bag.

That was my first encounter with the Daughters of St. Paul, and the Bible,leading me to the Catholic faith.
My surprise turned to respect, and the curiosity to an invitation to thereligious life. It really was a marvelous encounter.

My father notes: "My daughter's decision was firm, despite my encouragementto remain at home, being a Catholic"
By visiting the Church and the Convent, my wish grew to be baptized andbecome like those nuns...
My daily life was fulfilled with many friends and good work. My parents,relatives and all the friends were against my idea: "why ?"
But that encounter changed me and made me think once more about the way oflife. There is another kind of life too...

Just as my father wrote that his daughter's will was firm, my wish had notchanged despite all the difficulties and opposition. Thinking back of thattime, I know that it was God who supported me with an invisible string.
In 40 years, I must admit that there were moments of difficulties and disappointment.

But today, I am still going on trusting God and praising His wonderous deeds.
"You did not chose me,
no, I chose you". (John 15:16)

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