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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Teresia Ide

26 Japanese saint martyr

At that time, there was a certain memorial event for Saint Therese of InfantJesus. I do not remember what it was. At the church, they were encouragingpeople to go to pilgrimage.

I had just become a Catholic, and wished to go to pilgrimage also. However,trips to the Holy Land or to Vatican seemed like a far away dream. Togetherwith my friends of San Pauline, I started making plans of a trip to placesof faith inside Japan. But at the end, only two of us started off for thetrip. We had plan to visit Fukuoka, Hitado, Sasebo, Nagasaki, Unzen andAso, but because of my friend's health, we ended our trip in Nagasaki. Thatreally was quite enough. It would be too long to describe everything, butthat simply was a very special day.


It was the New Year's holiday of 1964. Fukuoka, Hitado, Sasebo and toNagasaki. I visited the pilgrim places of the 26 Japanese martyrs, churchesof Oura and Urakami, etc. As I was climbing the Mountain of the Way of theCross, thinking of the martyrs, I was filled with desire of offering my lifefor Christ, as the Christians of that time.

Waiting for supper at the Daughters of St. Paul convent where we stayedovernight, a magazine called "Hill of Hope" caught my eyes. There was theword of Father Alberione: " Proclaiming Christ to people of nowadays". Thisis it ! I could feel my body tremble, and I was convinced that this was myway. That was enough !
Returning to Tokyo, I visited the Congregation immediately and made thedecision of my entry. My friend who went to the trip with me, also enteredthe convent few months later.
Long after I entered the convent, I wanted to read once again that magazine"Hill of Hope", but I still cannot find that number.

Sage Maria in Lourdes

Time flies, and 37 years have passed. Come to think of it now, that was theyear when the founder of the Congregation, Sister Tecla Merlo passed away.It was a meaningful year. Thinking back all these years, I realize withconviction that God is always in front of me, preparing my way and making melive.So much has happened. And from now on, I will keep walking the way accordingto God's will, and I am convinced that it is the way I walk, together withmy companion.

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