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Who are we?

Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. N.E.


God calls each one of us, and there is a time to answer to His call.
Long time ago, I had many good friends and had a good job. I was enjoying my youth, making plans, going to movies, etc. However, no matter how much I enjoyed myself, I had a feeling of loneliness and even of anxiety from time to time.

One summer, as I went to the fireworks of Sumida River, I thought to myself:
"Even if I have all these wonderful friends, everything from this world will end"
"It feels empty and not fun, everything will end anyway"
"I would like to bring all my friends to Heaven"

That wish filled me, and I prayed and prayed. I encountered Jesus the Lord, in the book titled "Call of Love". I wanted to follow this Lord.... and entered the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul. My non-Christian friends could not understand. "Why does E go into the convent?"

The day before my entry, we had a merry farewell party.
40 years have passed, and I am getting closer to the age to come before God.
Since I entered the convent, I never had chances to see those old friends. But
in different ways, I made many new friends in my religious life. In my wish "to save as many people as possible", I leave everything to Christ, as Saint Paul did, proclaiming the Kingdom of God and looking forward to seeing everyone again in Heaven.

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