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Who are we?

Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Mechitildis Kyoko Shimizu

Sr. Mechitildis

A Christian person told me: " You will be baptized anyway; earlier the better, because you can get more holy grace from God !" So only after two months of study, I got baptized, but could not understand much about the church and the life in faith. Even so, I went to Mass faithfully, and one day, I encountered with the word "retreat". I wished to attend, and I found the retreat at the Daughters of Saint Paul.

Many young Sisters with graceful smile, beds and white cotton curtains, prayers of the faithful in the chapel, Sisters running through the garden and the joyful smile in singing for us with the guitar.

One of the Sisters called me a little after the retreat. She wondered if she could attend Mass in the church where I was going, because she was going on a mission to Itoigawa ,and I lived on the way.

I felt so happy attending Mass, surrounded by four Sisters full of life. It felt just as if there was a spot light around us, and that I was up in heaven. It was around that time that I began to think about the religious life.

I began to think about life seriously at the age when my friends started getting married. " There is no guarantee of happiness even if you get married. People can change. But God never betrays. There are people like priests, who offer their life to God and go to faraway countries as missionaries. There were many of those in history. There is only one life, so I wish to make it worthwhile. For me, it is to live my faith. And when I die, I wish to be able to say that I lived answering Jesus' call. To live that kind of life, means the religious life!"

This can be slightly different from those who entered the convent to make Jesus known, but it is why I am here.

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