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Sr.M. Perpetua Makiyo Nagamine

Sr.M. Perpetua

My grandmother who was a daughter of a Buddhist monk, passed away during my last summer vacation as a student. She was a fervent Buddhist.

Only two months before her death, my grandmother converted herself to a Christian, because of a word from my sister, and finished her life dramatically. Two priests prepared her to death, and Sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul had been praying for her. Her last moment had been filled with God’s holy grace and happiness. During her life, she often told us about the death of virtuous people. Her peaceful face looked like a proof of the “eternal existence”.

When the summer vacation was over, I came to Tokyo and visited the headquarter of the Daughters of St. Paul. I simply wished to tell Sister F. about the greatest kindness of the Sisters from the Takamatsu Convent at the time of my grandmother’s death.

Entering in the garden, I noticed young ladies taking a walk. But I could not know that it was during the retreat for vocation, and had been waiting for Sister F. who would not show up. Afterwards I realized that I was taken for one of those who came for the retreat.

Invited by Sister F. I attended the last day of this retreat. It happened that the theme of that day was about Eternal Life.

I was listening, absorbed by the word “eternal”.
In the evening there was a discussion about “married life or a life in a convent”. I never had a discussion about the serious matter of choosing a life. However, I just remembered a friend saying to me “ You are like a nun.” And went into the group discussing the life in a convent.

After graduating I wanted to work in a broadcasting company . But as it was difficult to find a non-profit station, I decided to enter a publishing company. At that time, it was a surprise for me to hear about Father Alberione, the founder of the congregation, and his will. Precisely I had been looking secretly for some way of serving the society with my own quality.

Without hesitation, I made my decision to enter the convent. My parents tried to accept my selfishness by reading the story of Abraham offering Isaac in the Bible. Now I realize that all the unexpected happenings and the meeting with so many people were the way to my vocation, through my grandmother’s death.

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