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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Luciana Suzuko Yanagawa

Sr. Maria Lucianaz

In the year 2000, it has been 45 years since I made my first vow. Ever since the city of Hiroshima has become ashes, I had been wondering why I was born. In the middle of the burnt field, there was a building with red roof, and a cross on top of the round ball. “What is that ?”
“It must be Christ; let’s go “

What I was told there was “ People are born to know God, to love and serve Him, and finally go in the happiness of Heaven.” “Happiness of Heaven! That’s wonderful !”

To look for a name for baptism, I read a book with the title of “Holy virgin of roses”. And I wanted to become a nun also if there is such a beautiful life, although I had not seen any Sister yet.

In a pamphlet I found the “Sisters doing missionary work through books”. “This must be it ! I want to share this joy with everyone “ Father Cieslik from the church I was going to, told me to stay in the convent for about 10 days, and see. Immediately I was on the train for 24 hours to go to Tokyo.
Arriving in Tokyo, I visited the Daughters of St. Paul convent in Nogizaka. Waiting in a room, I was expecting Mother Superior with a number of Sisters just like in movies.

But only one Sister came in, and she asked me several questions. But she did not say anything. After ten days spent with them, I found out that she was the Mother Superior.

Sisters were joyful, talked a lot, and worked hard. And they had an atmosphere of a family. I felt very much at home, and thinking that “It must be here !” , I told them my wish to enter.

I told my mother my wish to become a nun. Formerly I got baptized without telling her, and she had been angry. My father had disappeared because of the atomic bomb, mother cried, and my brother got angry,

It was at that moment that an angel came. A neighbor came in and asked what happened. At my mother’s explanation about me, wanting to become a nun, he said “All children are given from God, so if God is asking to give him back a child, you have to do so”. Thanks to this word, my tears changed to joy, and the following day I departed for Tokyo.

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