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Sr. Maria Stephana Keiko Kondo

Sr. Maria Stephana

46 years have passed since I entered the convent. But the period from my baptism till entrance to this life, seems just like yesterday. I was going to a study group of catechism in a convent when my parents called me, together with my sister who was already baptized. They asked us why we wanted to be baptized. My sister explained clearly about the Catholic religion, and said that she believed it to be the true religion, from all her heart. As for me, I was studying the religion just because I wished to become a nun, but I knew that if I said that, not only I would not have permission for it but neither for the baptism. Only answer I could give, in sobbing, was to say " I would not be saved unless I get baptized". I can just imagine the reaction of people if I said this now a days…..

Not only that my father did not give me permission , but he said " You do not understand anything ! You are not worthy to receive baptism !" Next day, my mother had to go and talk to the Sisters, and I went with her. The explanation about the Catholic religion from the Sister was very clear and easy to understand. Sister's attitude and the whole atmosphere of the convent changed my mother's feeling, and I got the permission for the baptism few days later.

Soon after, I talked to a priest about my wish to enter the Trappistine congregation. But as the priest answered that anyway, it has to be one or two years after the baptism, I decided to work in the kindergarten of the convent.

My sister who was Postulant at the Daughters of St. Paul at that time, wrote me often and told me how wonderful was the spirit over there. I was beginning to be attracted to the Daughters of St. Paul congregation, and made my decision to enter, feeling a little bad to the priest who introduced me to the Trappistines. After I entered, my heart was filled with happiness, so much so that I wished to invite everyone whom I meet to this life.

Compassion and mercy of God are endless, and He also guided my parents who offered a big sacrifice. They both received baptism of their own wish, and were happy of my choice. Thanking God, they are now in Heaven.
I am filled with renewed happiness to live this life with all the Sisters.

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