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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Marcelina Kazuko Maruo

Sr. Maria Marcelina

The starting point of my faith was my family with its Christian atmosphere,and God invited me to my vocation naturally.

It was always my father's wish to offer one of the six children to God,and we said the prayer for vocation daily in our morning and evening prayer that we offered together.
But my father with deep faith was killed suddenly in an accident. It was a little after the war, and I was still in my junior high school. I started seriously thinking about my vocation from that time. This sudden misfortune changed my life, and I had to give up going to high school also.

I had been thinking seriously about life and death, and divine providence. And my faith became stronger.

One day two Sisters of the Daughters of Saint Paul came to the church and introduced us their congregation with a film. Since that time I and the Sister started exchanging letters, and I began to be attracted to the religious life very much. First I visited the convent in Osaka. What impressed me most was the Sisters' smile. They were full of joy despite their simple life. I thought that when you offer everything, you are really filled with this much joy.

When I was encouraged to go visit the headquarter in Tokyo, I went immediately without hesitation. And my heart really wished to go into the convent. In the Tokyo convent, I was told about the purpose of the mission, and they allowed me to work with them also. When I told about my decision to my mother, she gave me the permission, but the priest whom I talked to was against the idea. I cannot tell about the reason of his opposition here, but my decision became as strong as ever.

49 years have passed since then. God has guided me gently and sometimes more strictly.
And now, He is inviting me to follow even closer to Him.

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