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Sr. Maria Carmine Toshi Kumaki

Sr. Maria Carmine

Time really flies and it is already more than 40 years since I arrived here.

In my early years of junior high, I had been attracted to nuns without even knowing anything. I went several times to the movies "Bell of Saint Mary" and "The holy virgin".
Longing for the beauty ! I was really attracted to the Sisters. As the time went by, this
feeling got even stronger. Invited by a friend, I went to a study group in amission school. Ihave met a Sister there and I got baptized.

In one of the magazine my sister had, I have read about the religious life of Trappistine Sisters in Hakodate. I was even more fascinated by the religious life.

After graduating from high school, I started to work in an advertising company. It was around that time that a priest from the Society of St. Paul started to proclaim the gospel
through the radio, at the Bunka Hosokyoku (Cultural broadcasting system). Sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul were working there. As I had to bring some advertising text to the broadcasting office from time to time,I was delighted to meet the Sisters.

My family was hoping that my feelings would change if I had a job, but my desire became quite definite and very straight forward. Luckily,my office was in Ginza, and there was a Catholic church on the 6th floor of the department store Mitsukoshi. I used to go up there to pray.

I had been guided by mass communication. And I entered the convent to work through mass communication. God has always been guiding me.

I had been going without stopping until now.Suddenly I became disabled with one side of my body paralyzed. Now depending on my cane, I am thrown into the new apostolate.
I am living with good friends, thanking God who has left me the freedom of one side of my body, to be still able to work. I am striving in my daily religious life, and thinking that what is left of my life might be even happier than before.
Won't you like to consider a life where you can give your entire self to God ? It is wonderful. It can be a hard way, but a way of great value.

* Sr. Kumaki is working on the computer with her right hand, to contribute in making of the homepage "Laudate".

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