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Who are we?

Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Tomie Kodama

"Each person has his own way of life,
but for me there is only one way, this way".

This has been my conviction when I entered the convent. It has already been 39 years since then and I had no hesitation.
My father who was not in good health, believed in "Seicho no Ie" (House of long life) and he has been reading many books by Masaharu Taniguchi. He often said that we are God's children, and prayed a lot whenever there was something. Probably it was his influence that I had been looking for God ever since I was little.

"Ask and it will be given to you;
Search, and you will find it."
(Mathieu 7.7)

Even a slightest wish, God will grant and answer sooner or later. This is my conviction through experience. Searching, I went from Kagoshima to Tsushi, Mie prefecture, and started to work. I looked for a church. I listened to the Luther hour on the radio, and got the bible. Then I looked for someone going to the church and went together.

Now that I think about that time, I am surprised to see me being positive and active.
By going to church, I felt like someone traveling in a desert and who has just found an oasis. I was filled with joy, emotion and gratitude. Then I received the gift of baptism.

What is the real happiness ? Looking for the truth, I arrived to the religious vocation.
Many of the church seniors went into a convent. My god-mother and some friends. They invited me to retreats for vocation. Also two Sisters from the Daughters of St. Paul came to the church and to my office.

When one cannot find the truth, I wish to say, and to prove that truth can be found surely in the church and in a religious life. At the present, I keep living in gratitude,
heading for the dream and hope that I used to have.

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