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Sr. Anastasia Chie Yanagisawa

Sr. Anastasia

In answer to the call.

I was still in my junior high when I thought "There is only one life to live", then " I would like to live so that there would be no regret". It took me seven or eight years before discovering "my way".

In the process of finding and deciding about a religious life, there seemed to be many occasions of God's call and support.
I belonged in a mixed chorus, and the emotion I got in singing there, seemed to be like a vibration to me who started to look for God.

One day, the leader of the chorus got married to a Catholic girl. We all went to the church for practice to sing at the wedding, and the pastor of the church gave us instruction. This was the chance to start studying the Catholic religion and I got baptized on Christmas eve the following year. My parents who found out about this were quite upset and said "It would be a hindrance to your marriage". "Anyway I would not accept anyone who would not marry because I am a Christian!" I protested. Telling the truth, not that I denied marriage, but I had been interested in some other kind of life.

I examined carefully the booklet "Guide to religious congregation for ladies in Japan"
At that time, there were already more than 80 congregations in Japan, and the booklet gave details, such as their intention, spirit, history, qualification and condition for being accepted. I finished reading checking what interested me most and then went to talk to my god-mother. Then I found out that what she recommended me was the same as what I chose.

It was a shock for me to hear my brother say "You are undutiful towards your parents to go despite their opposition". But although I looked very upset outside, I knew that deep in my heart I was at peace, and encouraged. "Go ahead with your decision". In my prayers, I knew that if God is calling me, He will also soften the feelings of my parents and my brother.
Around the same time, Sisters came for the mission work in our city, and visited our house. They told my mother about the life in religious community, and she felt relieved. It has already been 40 years since that time, and even now, I am grateful, and try to live faithfully to God's invitation, together with my religious Sisters.

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