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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr.M. Magdalena Taeko Sato

Sr.M. Magdalena

"What ?! that Sato-san is becoming a nun ? A real act of God ! Congratulations ! "

Such was the greeting telegram I received on the day of my first vow.
People who knew me before I entered the convent never even imagined that I could become a nun, and said " that Sato-san!”. I had my hair dyed in brown which was not yet very common at that time, and was dressed in showy fashion. I was running around with enthusiasm with my work, and also dancing, skiing, bowling, and swimming.

One day, a happening made me wonder about the uncertain existence of human beings, also about money. "Who am I ? ", " What has an eternal value ? I started on a wondering trip with those questions. It was on this trip that I could meet Jesus Christ.
Introduced by a priest, I began to work at the Saint Paul bookstore in Yamaguchi.
Sisters were saying: "This girl who is now in our bookstore works well, but her showy fashion !...” and I was often a subject of their conversation. Sisters who often invited young girls to retreats, never addressed a word to me. Because from the beginning they could not imagine someone like me to have a vocation.

However, quite unlike the outside look, I was seriously looking for my own way, and I was active in meetings of young people and CLC. Getting married or is there another way ? Looking for the answer, I went to an eight-day-retreat. There I could clearly hear the invitation from Jesus:” Follow me.”, and made my decision to enter the Daughters of St. Paul congregation. Sisters were most surprised at this decision. "What ? that young girl ?! "
My grandmother and my parents who gave me the permission saying "If you are ready to go on till the end of the way you have chosen yourself…” are now watching upon me from Heaven. When I look back, I can see that God is working in me precisely when I am weak. And even now, I often think : "What ?! me ? this is an act of God. It looks so strange to other people."

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