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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr.M. Grazia Megumi Matsumoto

This is why I entered the convent.

As I had been brought up in a Catholic family and that I went to mission school, I was close to Sisters, and ever since I was little, I wanted to become a nun. I also wished to become a Sister in a teaching congregation because I loved children.

In high school, my wish to become a nun or to have my own children crossed over, but I decided to go to college in the department of education, thinking of a teaching religious order. But in the co-ed college, I became very fond of a boy student.

As I still had my dream, I was going with this boy but not beyond certain line. But soon, I had a hard time controlling my feelings. Finally I prayed God and asked Him.

!H Dear Lord, please let me know my way more clearly. If you want me to be a nun, I offer you this trial and hard feelings. But if you wish a marriage for me, please let me know.
Then I don!Gt have to suffer for nothing, and go ahead with this love.!I

Few years later, near the graduation, God gave me a chance to know the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul, and to attend one of their retreats. A word of the priest, insignificant to anybody, came to me as an answer to my prayers.

From that time, I could bear my feelings as a trial. I was beginning to get attracted to the Daughters of St. Paul congregation which I never thought of before. During the two years of teaching, my interest has not changed, and I realized that this was the answer from God.

Inciting my weakness, God has always showed me His holy grace through people and daily happenings ! It has already been 27 years that I have been trying to listen to God and to follow Him. It has been 8 years since I have been posted to Australia.

Please look at this page to see Sr. Matsumoto!Gs life in Australia.

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