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Sr.M. Ignazia Junko Mori

Sr.M. Ignazia

When I remember about my vocation, I think of a picture. A picture of a little lamb, found by Jesus, and carried on His shoulder, cheek to cheek with Him.

Invited by a friend, I started to learn English conversation at a Catholic church. Also invited by another friend, I went to a movie, and that film was about the life of Christ. Jesus in the film remained strongly in my heart and when I got back home, I read the entire New Testament all at once. The following Sunday, I went back once again to see this film, and wondered “ what makes me so earnest about this”. After seeing the movie twice, I wished to know even more about Jesus.

The following week the English conversation teacher was not there, and has been replaced by another one. After the class, she took me to the bookstore of Saint Paul. That is how I started my catechism study. And just before getting baptized, I had nothing else in mind but about Jesus. My father had been worried that I was going around the neighborhood imposing my idea. .

When I said that I wanted to become a nun, my mother said “ o.k. if that will make you happy”, but I saw her crying in another room. Seeing her that way, I almost gave up the idea of entering the convent. But one day, my parents said that they wanted to visit the convent. They were worried because they have heard that some people just run away from home .

Talking with the Mother Superior, my parents thought that I will never be able to stand that kind of life and I will come back very soon. So my mother said “ We have decided the day for you to enter” !

28 years have passed already. Love of Jesus has always been protecting me, “as the cloud stayed in the day time and there was fire in the cloud at night” (Exodus 40: 38)
In needy days, only Jesus is my home. Everything is in Jesus, who is my only home, now and for ever.

It is my wish to give my entire life for this. To know Jesus even more and to love Him.
As He wants to be known, I wish to take this role of proclaiming Jesus to everyone, the way He wishes.

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