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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Teresia Irene Ritsuko Tajiri

Sr. Teresia Irene

"That was like an elopement, wasn’t it." My father said quietly when we were just the two of us, after my mother’s funeral.

He said that my family could simply not stop me. " But I was very deeply touched by the Bible reading you prayed during the wake. Your mother must be relieved also". This word from my father was the consequence which he finally came to after 20 years, and a word of blessing.

When I entered the convent, all my family and relatives were against it. I should think about getting married as my parents wished. Finally I had to cope with the situation all by myself. Even myself, I wonder where all that strength came from.

My encounter with the Catholic religion came to me when I entered a Catholic college after high school. That was like being in a new world. I, who had been brought up in a world unrelated to Christianity, found God at that time.

I was born in a small island Oosumi Hanto and had been brought up in the world of "Hanasaka Jiisan" (Grandpa who could make the tree blossom) and "Shitakiri Suzume" (Sparrow who had the tongue cut). I had learnt to be honest, to study hard, to be conscientious, and helpful to those who were in need. While in the upper elementary classes, I had learnt that there is a way of life in service of others, but thought that it was only for great people and not for me.

My meeting with the Christianity opened a new world for me, and I discovered that more than just being conscientious, the basic would be the joy of being God's children.

I wanted to share this joy and happiness with as many people as possible. I found out that the Sisters at my school offered their life for this purpose. I wanted to become a nun also and go around all over Japan to proclaim this joy. Precisely at that time, I met Sisters, about whom I cannot say elegant, but who were stout built, and with dignity. I caught the fishing line they cast and never let it go.

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