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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Ave Yoshiko Uragoe

Sr. Maria Ave

My native town is Hirado where Saint Francis Xavier who was called the Apostle of the Orient, and the Guardian of the foreign mission, built up the first church in Japan. I was born in the country side of Hirado called Furue. My both parents were good Catholics, and all my family has been Catholic. Furue was one of those mobile churches, and a priest came twice a months from Hirado to offer Mass.

Ever since I was in Junior High, I was attracted to the religious life. That was because my mother and friends were often talking about it. But noone became a nun from my town, and I had not even seen a nun.

My mother told me that the life in a convent is very strict, so I have to offer many sacrifices, and pray a lot. As I wished to go into a convent, I prayed often my rosary.

During Lent, I offered sacrifices. I got up early, prepared breakfast for everybody, and made my own lunch box before going to school.

In January before I graduated, Sisters of the Daughters of Saint Paul came to invite us for the vocation. They also came to visit us at home. It was probably for my sister who had already graduated from school, and had been working. I was listening to them also, and that was I who answered " I would like to enter a convent ". Come to think of it later, that was God who guided me and prepared me slowly. It was also His providence that I had met the Sisters during my last year at school. March 25 was the graduation. On April 3rd, I decided to enter the convent. My mother said, " If that is really what you want, you may go ". My father had not said anything.

On April 3rd, I entered the convent in Fukuoka with a friend, accompanied by our parents.

" But when God , who had set me apart from the time when I was in my mother's womb, called me through His grace and chose to reveal his Son in me, so that I should preach him to the gentiles… " (Galatians 1, 15-16)
I am grateful that I have been called this way by His holy grace. God is always helping me so that I can fulfill my mission. Thanking God of His mercy, I am praying so that I can keep walking my way as a Daughter of St. Paul all my life.

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