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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Benigna Akiko Sasaki

Sr. Maria Benigna

When I am asked what was the opportunity to think about religious life, I have two answers: first was when I was still a rebellious school girl, I was moved by looking at a Sister in prayer, and felt something authentic. The second was when my elder sister took the habit of nun, I felt a strength inviting me also; despite my opposition when she entered the convent.

After that, I began to attend retreats during my summer vacation every year. Just before graduating from high school, during a retreat, I could feel God very close to me. This experience remained in my heart . Yet, I still could not make a decision. I began to work in a nursery, and took care of infants under two, and my days seemed fulfilled. However, I had been debating about making a big decision. Finally, I quitted my job. As I expected, there was a strong opposition from my father. In spite of that, I have decided that I would enter the convent on February 2. But the day before, my mother went into the hospital suddenly, and my very busy days had to start: visit to the hospital, house work, and also taking care of infants my mother had been taking care of. During these days, I prayed the “Secret of success” of St. Paul daily. In March, my mother could come back home from the hospital, and I happily entered the convent on March 25.

I did not know anything about the life as a nun, but 30 years have passed. Through sufferings and failure, I realize more and more the wonderful way God is taking care of me, and I can feel the renewal of my vocation.

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