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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Agostina Chiyoko Hiromoto

Sr. Maria Agostina

It started from my encounter with a book entitled “Religious person” by Noboru Hagiwara.

I had been growing up in an environment which did not have much to do with religion, but I loved books, and very often I had been reading all by myself. And I just happened to see that book, which I bought out of curiosity. Interested, I had been turning the pages, but when it came to the chapter "Learning from Christ", something happened within me. "What about my conscience ? It seems to be asleep !"

Is there a truth in this world ? Is that God ? With this question in my heart, I knocked the door of the Catholic church in Iwakuni. That was in the end of 1961. I started to go to church, and everything seemed so fresh. I read books in the library one after the other: books about catechism, bible stories and life of saints. My thirsty heart absorbed any and everything.

After I got baptized, my wish to know more about God turned into my wish for the life in a convent. My attitude for life changed also. Seeing me, mother said "You can go to church if you want, but please don’t get involved too much".

On day, invited by the Sunday school leader, I attended a retreat. It was given by Father Beky. As I listened, my heart started to be enthusiastic. Until then, the life in a convent seemed like another world, a star shining far in the sky. But this star seemed coming down towards me, and I could almost reach it if I stretched out my arms. I came back delighted, and went to talk to Father Barba who then was the pastor of the church. He introduced me to the Daughters of St. Paul, saying that he sort of anticipated. Now, the only thing left was how to convince my parents.

For my parents who were not catholic, there was no way for them to accept this, and my mother got deeply grieved. I was saved by my younger brother who just graduated from college. He said "I will take care of our parents. You should go ahead in the way you believe".
My vocation has always been guided by a special power, goodness and sacrifice of so many people. Thanks be to all !

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