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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. M. Regina Kazuko Inagaki

Sr. M. Regina

After the second world war, life was poor and the concept of education had been changing, and I was working in a bank. I was at the crossroad of my life, and there is an incident I cannot forget.

When I was still a student, I visited with my classmates the Society of the Divine Word on the other side of the river. A beautiful chapel, big vineyard and priests taking a walk there in prayers. I had been very impressed, and the beautiful scenery simply stayed in my heart. Later, I knocked at the church door, and started to study about the Christian religion. That was the beginning of my faith.

Twice a week, I went to church to study, and on the way back, I always went into the big chapel to pray. The altar was divided with each station of the Cross. At 6 p.m. the bell rang and about ten Brothers started the prayers. The final hymn to Holy Mary gave me peace of heart, and I was attracted strongly by something. I was singing with them in Latin.

In praying and studying, I was beginning to think “ I too, would like to go into a convent. Love and grace are not meant just to be received, but to be given by working for other people. I want to know more about Christ, and His sufferings “That was the beginning of my vocation.

After I got baptized, I told a priest that I wished to enter a convent. He suggested that I talk to a Sister of the Holy Spirit Congregation. I started to work helping the Sister.

A little later, I came across a booklet on different congregations for ladies.
I then wrote to the Daughters of St. Paul Sisters. How happy I was to receive an answer inviting me to come over ! I was gradually guided to the religious life.

I do think that nothing in our life is just by chance, but everything is planned beforehand by God. God guides us through many different happenings and events. The present is here, guided by His hands that we cannot see.
Thanks be to God !

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