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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Amabilis Hiroko Suzuki

Sr. Maria Amabilis

In my little town of Nakanbetu in Hokkaido, there was no church until the end of the war, and I had no chance to hear about the Catholic religion. After the war, I met some Catholic people through the “Catholic Digest” which was sent to me. Then studying the catechism, I received the gift of baptism.

In our town the Catholic church had been built only a year after the war. And the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul came to do the missionary work.

When I saw them, they asked me if I had ever thought of becoming a nun. I answered
“Yes, but I have not thought which congregation, and I also cannot leave home immediately”. Sisters wished to talk to my parents and when they did, my parents said that it would be all right if I wished to do so. Because it did not occurred to them that I would want to become a nun.

2 years had passed. And in November 1954 I went to Kushiro to meet Sister Irene who was then in charge of the congregation. On January 25 of the following year, there was a celebration of taking the habit in Tokyo. Attending this celebration and also the retreat, I have decided to enter on June 30.

Until June, days were rather hectic, trying to convince my parents, putting things in order in my office and also getting ready to enter the convent. As I had already sent all necessary documents to the convent, and also told them the date of my entry, I thought that it was all set. And I arrived to the Tokyo convent earlier on June 27. But at the convent they were wondering if I was really coming, as they had not heard anything from me during those 6 months.

This is how I am here at this time.

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