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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Pacis Nagako Nagahashi

Sr. Maria Pacis

- 50 years have passed since my friend with whom I was escaping between the air raids, became a nun.
- One of the purple wings of butterfly is in memory of my friend who became a nun.

Those are the words of poetry which my friend wrote on the New Year’s greeting card, in the past 2 years. Half a century has passed since I entered the convent. Looking back, I know that it is nothing else but a gift from God.

After the war, as I was working one year as home-helper, the house mistress gave me an advice telling me that it is good to have faith. So I began to go to church, and it is a miracle that I continued without any feeling of resistance.

Only after 5 months of religious studies, I received the holy grace of baptism. It was the year when the “right arm” of St. Francis Xavier came to Japan. After one year, for the first time I met a Sister (a nun) who was teaching in a kindergarten. Her attitude was so meek and humble that I was immediately attracted by her.

A little later, I met two Sisters in the street. One of them was a foreigner. I called out “Sister !”, and we talked for a while. They gave me their address and a pamphlet. They told me that they came to Osaka to build a new branch house. Those two Sisters happened to be Sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul where I belong at the present.

Just like disciples who followed Jesus’ call, “Come and see “, here I am. It is nothing else but a gift of God who is always with me, that I could be here with Saint Paul until today. Holy grace of God is supporting and encouraging me and giving me strength.
I can also keep walking daily thanks to the support and prayers of all my Sisters.
Thanks be to God.

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