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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Teresia Makiko Inoue

Sr. Maria Teresia Makiko Inoue

My first encounter with the Christian religion was when I entered the Catholic high school. With the necessary school books, we had to buy a Bible also. As I was not a Catholic, I wondered why I also had to get a Bible, but I just kept it on my bookshelf. But by the end of the first year of high school I opened it and read a few passages. I thought that Jesus’ consideration and kindness for the weak, and the word “Love one another” were quite precious, regardless of the religion.

After attending Mass in the school chapel, I began to study the Catholic teaching with the Sisters. That was the first time I actually met a “Sister” (a nun). I could feel that there was something different about her from the other people, something “holy”. The attitude of a Sister offering her life for God had something very attractive, and I thought “She must be living a sacred life”.

On the feast day of Easter, when I was 18, I got baptized. I attended the retreat given by the Daughters of St. Paul, and every time I went to their convent or the bookshop, I wished I could also live like them.

About the Daughters of St. Paul, I only knew that they were doing missionary work by mass media. But when I got to know that God loved us until He died on the cross, I had an urging feeling that I had to let others know about this, and I thought that the media would be the fast and effective way. I wished to offer my life to Jesus, as all the Sisters were doing, and decided to enter the convent..

I know that it is thanks to God’s mercy that I could continue until now despite my weakness. Being grateful to all the Sisters and to all those who pray for me, I am offering my daily life being true to Jesus who called me.

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