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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. Maria Magdalena Atsuko Ikadatu

Sr. Maria Magdalena

Once, I went to the camp with few of my friends, and one of them was a Christian.
I was very much impressed by her attitude of praying daily in front of the cross.
I was invited to the church by this friend.
While seeking the truth, I attended the JOC meetings, as observer. It was there that I have learnt to read the Bible, interpret and then put into action. I also studied catechism and then got baptized when I was 20.

But the surroundings where I had been brought up, had no connection whatsoever with the catholic religion.
My father had passed away during the war and I grew up in the sadness of not having a father. My mother prayed in front of the Buddhist altar every day even when she was not feeling well with fatigue.
So becoming a nun was something totally out of question for me.
However, when many of my elder friends entered the convent, I began to wonder if it was possible for me also.

One day at the JOC meeting, we have read “Jesus said to them: Come with me, and I will teach you to catch men. “ (Mathew 4, 19-20)
I was so moved by this word, that, like Peter, I also was caught by Jesus.

After that, I attended the retreat given by the Daughters of St. Paul and got convinced that the Lord was inviting me there.
My mother had been totally against this idea, and even told me that it would be an obstacle for my brothers’ marriage.
I had a firm decision of entering the convent despite all, but this made me very sad.

There are so many suffering people in the world and I decided that I would like to work for those people, as an instrument of God. I wanted to offer my entire life to God, and entered the Daughters of St. Paul congregation where I am truly grateful.

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