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Who are we?

Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr.M.Timotea Ikuko Higashiseto


Standing on the little hill in sun-set, I could listen to the church bell. I always thought that the bell of the church sounded much more cheerful than the one of a temple, and it gave me hope.

Soon after the war, we were taught about the life of Christ, during the world history hour, and I wondered why Christ had to die when he had not done anything. Since that time, I used to stop every time I was in front of a church with cross, and I even peeked inside with curiosity.

After I graduated from school, I went for the first time to a Catholic church, invited by a friend. More than the superficial reason of the plot by the Pharisees, I discovered that Christ died being faithful to God, his Father’s plan until the end. He showed us his love for the Father and to show us the way of love. I decided that I am going to give my entire life for Christ.

At last, the day of my baptism came. They told me to ask for 3 wishes. My very first wish was to be allowed to become a nun. Although I did not know anything about the life in a convent, God answered my wish. I happened to meet the Sisters of the Daughter of St. Paul at the church. They told me about their apostolate work and right away I had no doubt in wishing to enter their convent. That was my vocation.

They suggested that I enter the convent in May, month of Holy Mary, but thinking of my family who is not Catholic, I wanted to attend my father’s memorial service, and enter in June.

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