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Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr.M.Agata Atsuko Taniguchi


Forty years have passed since then. "Mom, I will send you money". I remember the day when I left my native town. It was a warm spring day, and I got on the boat leaving those words which really had no relation whatsoever with the convent.

I was only 13 years old when I left home just by simple wish.. I am surprised myself that this kind of first step has been going on for this long until now. The little country girl left her parents to go to God, and has been growing up in the convent.

Compared to my poor family life, the life in the convent offered everything.
My cheerful and happy personality and trust in God, together with the willingness to work generously had been trained in our poverty, and all that had prepared me for the life in the convent.

I am the 5th child among 8 brothers and sisters. And my way of living comes from the attitude of "Look, listen and learn". I did not realize this until much later. On the other hand, my scholastic ability has been rather poor. In this kind of situation, I still could try and make an effort thanks to God's holy grace.

Lord Jesus has never left me alone, not an instant, and He has supported and brought me up. He first invited me "Come and see " through a visit of two Sisters who came to our house. I could hear this "Come and see", repeatedly at different stages and I could always trust it. In any situation holy grace never failed, and I have been fulfilled more than enough.

As the years went by, I could feel even more how much I was loved and have been invited. The fact that I am in the convent right now, shows the kindness of God. From now on too, I wish to continue to trust in God, and try to be the one whom He can use, to proclaim the gospel.

I am really grateful to my parents who are now already in Heaven. To live simply my faith, always trusting in God. This is what I received at the first instant of life. I am truly happy and grateful.

In prayers to say "Thank you" for the power of God and His abundant blessings for everything.

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