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Who are we?

Introducing the members of Daughters of St. Paul

Sr. M.Maximiliana Teruko Teshima

Sr. M.Maximiliana

In the year 1949, the pastoral work of the parish has just been handed over to the Japanese priest from Paris Mission. In Fukuoka, there was only one church at the bishop's office in Daimyocho.

The new Pastor had his office and the residence open to the parishioners; which was rather unusual for that time. On Sundays, the church was full of young people going in and out, like their own house. This priest often came to where the youngsters were, and talked to them, making them laugh. He seemed to think seriously about the future of those young people.

One day, the priest took out a picture and asked us " Which habit of these nuns do you like best ?" At that time, each of the nun's congregation had a very special uniform, and one could tell easily which convent they belong to. We were all quite curious, and each of us just had simple reactions saying which habit looked neat, etc.

The priest also said that it is good to make a decision by the time we are 25, whether one wish to get married or enter a convent. But I thought that it still had a long way to go, and just did not think any further.

Time went by, and I had chances to meet priests of the Society of St. Paul, and also theSisters of the Daughters of St. Paul. And I thought that the time has come to start thinking about the vocation. Meeting the Italian Sisters with their joyful attitude every Sunday, I began to be interested in the Daughters of St. Paul. It was around that time that I seriously began to wish the religious life, and started to pray.

In 1951, guided by the humble and simple attitude of the Sisters, I decided that I too, wish to be among them.

Simplicity of the Sisters was shining like clear light. The spirit of the founder was taken over and was overflowing in the light.

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